So, it has been a while! Many things have been going on in my life and therefore BassCases were put on a back burner as a project....but now I am beginning to ramp back up production!

The lucky Meghan has just had her 'BrieflyBlueBoom' sent by BassCase's first ever courier delivery! Really good value and eagerly anticipated!

Above is an image of the long awaited shed - it has been great as a workshop and storage but unfortunately was difficult to work in for any long periods, especially over the winter. So, purely because of this, BassCase production is moving to Bristol! New house, new workspace, new stock and exciting ideas. More bluetooth experiments, festival-ready efforts and longer than ever battery life will be the menu of the day!

Any ideas for new projects? I've currently got a bit of a waiting list but when getting down to it full time (after moving house) it shouldn't take too long to get through the amazing custom orders I am so fortunate to have been requested of me!

Keep your eyes peeled for more developments soon, hopefully with more photos and videos!

Seriously can't wait! Saturday can't come soon enough as then I can crack on with making more BassCases! I have roughly 4/5 orders backed up and it's going to feel great to be able to deliver custom sound systems for people to enjoy ASAP!

Also, a potentially exciting project maybe coming to a workshop near you....Car Bonnet sounds systems anyone!?

Shed to be purchased....

16' x 8' (with extra height!) - should be big enough for stock storage, work bench and extra ideas that will no doubt when given space to expand into! It's likely to take up nearly half of our garden...thank you Aisling!

39 x 2' slabs and 12V lighting (LED strips and bulbs) are already purchased, but need to rip down old shed and level the ground still!  Need to pull my finger out and get on!


LunchBoom - Minnie Mouse

As requested, I have made a LunchBoom with great battery life, warm sound and great portability for Aisling's Birthday - all encapsulated within a Minnie Mouse (her guilty pleasure) LunchBox.

I was really pleased with the outcome, especially the sound as the main full range driver is from a Wharfedale monitor. 

What do you think?
Aisling and I have moved house and all my BassCase collection along with it. I have now realises the sheer amount of stock and various collectables I have now acquired!

BassCase HQ will soon have a totally new home......drum roll a big workshop in the back garden - the SHED OF DREAMS!

I am really excited to have some serious man space and to hammer and chisel away in my own world with nothing getting moved or 'organised'!

In other news:

- 5 BassCases have been sold in the past 4 weeks

- First time courier service to be used to get the lucky Meghan's BrieflyBlueBoom up to the north!

- 3 new custom orders from ever further afield people (friends of friends of friends for example) - one will be trying to camouflage itself as part of a bookcase!

..... More news to come

To be fair, we are moving house soon and so some of the mess isn't BassCase's fault...but yeh - not a great look!

In the centre is the beginning of the lucky Meghan's BrieflyBlueBoom.

Had an extra set of hands to help me out with the soldering today which was much apprecited!
NozBoom was enjoyed by quite a few people throughout Nozstock Festival this year!

Locally around our camp it drew a bit of attention and then was used for some Children's Acting Classes by the lovely Lucy.

A fair few business cards have been handed out over the past few weeks and I am starting to see the levels of traffic increase slowly and consistently.

Take it easy - more news to come!

NozBoom is here!

Fashioned from a recycled wooden pallet, NozBoom is rugged, hardy and ready to get the party started!

Yes, it's not too pretty, yes, it's not perfectly finished - but you know sounds GREAT!

Also my first go at wood burning art/writing was fun to do and exciting for future ideas.
Let me know what you think ASAP!
Quote from the lucky Kate:

"Got my LunchBoom as a birthday present from the lovely Faye today. It's amazing! Thank you for being so talented! I will definitely spread the word about BassCase :)"

"I think the sound quality is ace, good bassy sound for such a little box!"

I am so happy with the response of my most recent customers!
People are really getting into 'MakingMusicMoveable'
In other news:
  • 2 x LunchBoom custom orders as two children's' presents
  • 1 x BriefBoom custom order (to be made with the customer - Bring it on Barney!)
  • 1 x potential LunchBoom order from current happy customer
  • 1 x BriefBoom reserved for Pez
  • 1 x BriefBoom, with bright blue speakers in the making for Meghan - more pictures to follow soon!
  • 1 x potential commission in a local cafe! (Outdoor waterproof sub anyone!?)

Other plans and ideas being looked at:
- Rustic handmade speakers (active or passive - powered or run from an amp) made from reclaimed wood!
- BarrelBoom but on WINE BARREL SCALE! (12" subwoofer down firing to shake the room!)
- More outdoor speaker projects
New potential battery supplier will enable me to scream on with bigger battery packs, charging of your mobile devices on the go and well....keeping the party boomin' well into the night/weekend/week - at full blast!